Balustrades have become a popular feature internally and externally in our homes and commercial areas. A balustrade can be a spectacular feature enhancing your deck or pool area and can also be internally in your home.

We can design for you a balustrade to suit your new or old home. Balustrades add light and flow to your home offering safety without loss of space. Our range of glass balustrades caters for all tastes and budgets, meeting safety requirements and all regulatory considerations. We use high quality fixings to ensure longevity and style. Balustrade railings can be top-mounted, side-mounted and can be a feature of your home. We can discuss positives and drawbacks for your area you plan to put one of our balustrades.

There are New Zealand standards for installing balustrades that we adhere to. Please be cautious when you are given a quote to install a balustrade. Check your builder is qualified to know the correct heights and fixings requirements for installation. It may seem like a bargain now but can be expensive to fix if not done correctly, not to mention dangerous. My team have installed many balustrades around Taupo and have the in-depth knowledge required to build your balustrade right the first time.

Prefabricated Aluminium Baluster Panels

Ready made panels for residential balustrading are ideal for situations where an entry level aluminium balustrade is adequate. Raked panels (panels that can be angled), can accommodate a slope up to 35 degrees, making them suitable for stairs and sloping areas such as this retaining wall pictured.

Aluminium Post & Glass Balustrades

Post balustrade systems are designed to accommodate a range of toughened safety glass panels, in a choice of finishing options. Glass balustrades are especially sought-after for deck and balcony barriers, as the glass doesn’t interrupt the view and is a good looking, modern solution.

These balustrades are available as fully framed glass (with a bottom rail and handrail) or semi-frameless glass options, giving you lots of choices when you are looking for the ideal balustrade for your place.

Pool Fencing

Keep your children and grandchildren safe. The minimum standards for safely surrounding your swimming pool are important to understand; with council regulations and NZ safety standards all playing an important role. All of our pool fencing is constructed with these standards in mind, and our secure gating and latching is also compliant with all regulations.

We specialise in creating hand-crafted glass panel pool fencing, designed to complement and enhance your pool area without restricting your views. As all of our glass is cut and finished onsite in our workshop, we are able to create bespoke fencing to suit all swimming pool sizes and adjacent leisure areas. Keep your sun deck sunny all day long with glass pool fencing!

I am very proud of our workmanship and have selected some photos below for you.
Brent Parkinson