Frameless Shower Screens can make your bathroom look a million dollars. Because every bathroom is unique as it has its own unique design, look and feel. It is for this reason that we custom make your frameless products to suit your specific requirements. If you are building or renovating you should definitely think about getting one. Our glass showers are constructed using toughened safety glass and glazed according to New Zealand Safety Standards. Antifungal silicone is used to seal all fixed panels. Choose from a selection of hinges and door handles to give your shower the perfect look. We will make and install your shower giving you a show case shower for you to be proud of.



Mirrors are a unique interior element and can open up a space, expanding it, making it brighter, more elegant, and beautifully reflect light and enhance the d├ęcor in a room.

Mirrors enhance kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, gymnasiums, fitness centres, resorts and hotels, dance studios, retail stores and other commercial and residential spaces. Mirrors can be made to fit anywhere and be secured directly to the walls. There are different effects to the edge of the mirror such as bevelled, polished which take away the sharp edges also sandblasting can add that special effect you are after. Our mirrors are protected against change in temperatures, moisture, and corrosion. We can supply and install to suit your requirements.

Here's how we make our mirrors.

Give us a call today and my team will see to your needs.

Big sound mirror in a bathroom

Shower Domes

We are proud to be a Showerdome distributor for Taupo. We can install a Showerdome for you.

Firstly, we would need to come visit your home to identify which Showerdome would be the best fit for your shower. We cut the acrylic dome to fit your shower securely. Steam is not created as the warm moist warm air and cold air do not mix. The science of the dome acts as a barrier which means no steam is created in your shower or your bathroom saving your paintwork and mould in your bathroom.