Windows & Sliding Door Maintenance

We have solutions to all your window and sliding door needs.

Window Handles
We can replace, repair or install door and window handles to improve the security on your home.
Damaged locks
Can be replaced to stop thieves entering your home.
Un-aligning Doors

We can remedy doors that align making them fit squarely in the frame to ensure they fit snuggly when closed and don’t droop when opened.

Jamming Sliding Doors
We also service those jamming squeaking sliding doors that won’t open and close smoothly. It is natural for the wheel roller to deteriorate in time, but these can be replaced by one of our experts.
On your ranch slider can be replaced by our expert team.
Aluminium and Wooden Joinery

Aluminium joinery can be repaired and colour matched to your existing joinery, Wooden windows can be repaired by our window expert team too.

Ranch Slider Handle
If your ranch slider door handle is broken we can repair or replace them.
A vision strip
Vision Strips
To help stop you walking into your doors.
Hydraulic Door Closers

Keep your doors from blowing open in the wind

Window / Restrictor Stays
For your peace of mind we can install window stays and restrictor stays.
Draught Strips
Replacement of worn draught strips to prevent wind and cold from penetrating any gaps during the winter months, when you need your home to feel warm and insulated.
A leaking window prior to repair by GB Glass | Taupo
Remedy of Leaking Windows / Doors

We can help fix your leaking windows and doors.

Flush Bolt for windows by GB Glass | Taupo
Flush Bolts
Can be installed for your security.
Worn or broken due to wear and tear we can replace them too.
Puttying Windows / Doors
Putty looking old and making your windows look unattractive? We can re-putty old windows.
So there you go, if you have a problem with your windows and doors give us a call.