Balustrades, pool fences and gates

Balustrades have become a popular feature internally and externally in our homes and commercial areas. A balustrade can be a spectacular feature enhancing your deck or pool area and can also be used internally in your home. Glass balustrading can be combined with metal or timber to give you the right look for your property.

I can help you decide what the best, cost effective way to enhance your property.

There are New Zealand standards for installing balustrades that we adhere to. Please be cautious when you are given a quote to install a balustrade. Check your builder is qualified to know the correct heights and fixings requirements for installation. It may seem like a bargain now but can be an expensive exercise to fix if not done correctly, not to mention dangerous. My team have installed many balustrades around Taupo and have indepth glass knowledge to build your balustrade right the first time.

I am very proud of our workmanship and have selected some photos below for you.